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The creators of Cartoonage, masterC and The Doctor. Cartoonage is the home of the Superlative Squadron and Happy Face webcomics.

Superlative Squadron is centered around an unlikely hero named Captain Bighead, who tries to apply for a superhero license but fails and is sent to an institution. There he meets with some friends and they become a crime fighting team. Happy Face is about a washed up actor who struggles to find work.

The cartoons on this site are drawn by masterC and inked (coloured) by The Doctor. Feel free to sign up and browse the forums, buy merchandise or best of all read the comics for free.


November Report
Posted by The Doctor, Mon 12 November
As you saw, last month we posted Happy Face: Dr Phail. We apologize for the slow progress, but we are quite busy and it takes a long time to create each comic. We are investigating faster techniques so we can create more comics quicker. The second game (which was due to be released today) has been delayed due to catastrophic Flash failures.

New! RSS and Atom Feeds
Posted by The Doctor, Sun 5 August
You can now subscribe to Cartoonage in your favourite reader! Cartoonage now serves RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feeds of Superlative Squadron, Happy Face and all comics. Buttons will be added in the 'Syndicate' section soon (much like in 'Share'). If you have a feed-aware browser, you can subscribe through it now. In other news, we are now listed on The Webcomic List. See our rankings at the bottom.

Coming Soon: Games!
Posted by The Doctor, Fri 3 August
We have decided to add a new section to the site: Games. The first, soon to be under construction, is a Captain Bighead game where you have to stop rubber balls getting into his orbit.

Posted by masterC, Thu 2 August
Can you please NOT click on the ads one hundred times each. Due to a certain somebody who has been doing this, we had to temporarily shut down Cartoonage altogether. Because of this WE suffered the consequences and are still unsure as to what will happen to our site. We have narrowed it down to one user who, for some reason did this on purpose. Please hear this message loud and clear. If you click on the ads, do only so if you are interested in the product, not a hundred times 'trying to help us', as if you do, we will suffer but you will suffer as well with no more comics to be read or made. So please do not click on the ads one hundred times.

Superlative Squadron: Comics 1&2 are OUT!
Posted by The Doctor, Mon 23 July
The first two Superlative Squadron comics are out. View them by clicking 'Comics' at the top.
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